1. pickle-juice

    The Almighty Power of the Humble Pickle

    Can pickle juice help recovery from endurance exercise, diminish cramps and replace lost electrolytes for athletes? It can, and fast!

  2. IMG_3846

    Working on My Working Out

    Conventional wisdom and science tells us to lose a pound, you must burn up 3500 additional calories, for as many pounds as you wish to lose. I have not been working out enough!

  3. Screen-shot-2010-09-21-at-2.08.57-PM

    Racing Weight: How Small, Frequent Meals Can Help You Lose Weight While Training

    I have this wonderful book, “Racing Weight” by Matt Fitzgerald, so was excited to see he has some videos online at the Triathlete magazine website. I’ve always heard the “it boosts your metabolism” reason for eating small meals, but Matt busts that myth while explaining why you may want to use this […]

  4. home-fitness

    Fitness Posters for Home Workouts

    I am positively obsessed with these wonderful fitness posters, available in two sizes and multiple options and prices, which show you specifically the muscles you should be thinking about, that are activated during that exercise.

  5. Free Triathlon Forums for Kansas City Triathletes

    Free Triathlon Forums for Kansas City Triathletes

    Hey fellow multi-sport fanatics in the KC area, I wanted to let you know about a fun and free event being held by Coast to Coast Triathlon in December and January. Refreshments will be served, and there will be lots of free stuff given away!

    Kris Colvin