1. coast-to-coast

    Free Triathlon Forums for Kansas City Triathletes

    Hey fellow multi-sport fanatics in the KC area, I wanted to let you know about a fun and free event being held by Coast to Coast Triathlon in December and January. Refreshments will be served, and there will be lots of free stuff given away!

  2. IMG_7418

    On Getting There…

    I’m just crawling until I’m strong enough to walk and fast enough to run. Jay Mullings

  3. IMG_3670

    Triathlete App Review: TriAlly

    TriAlly bills itself as “your ally in triathlon training” and it might be of use to some of you. I will take you through the features and provide a first impression. The workout plans and drills seem pretty sound though I did not try them yet in practice, but using the tool is a little cumbersome. Learn more about the features here.

  4. _JJC3802

    Countdown to Kemah

      Boy, am I nervous. My first tri of 2015 is April 12 in Kemah, Texas, and while that SEEMS far away it truly isn’t. Not when Kansas is freezing and windy and making it hard to ride even my mountain bike (Memmie) on the semi-protected rail trail. Every week […]

  5. On World Domination…

    On World Domination…

    If it weren’t for bicycles, world domination would be within my grasp!

    Kris Colvin