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As a bonafide coffee addict, I was glad to see this info on its benefits! I use it as a pre-workout too.

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Go to! #iifym #flexiblediet eaters!!!!! I have just learned about the most amazing site EVER to help with that all-consuming problem every night of “what do I eat with only these macros left??!!” You can tell this site the numbers you have left and it will suggest foods! Crazy! #macros #ifitfitsyourmacros #caloriecounting #protein #weightloss #fit


Really bored from not being able to train so I made some #cellucor #corefetti #pronuts! I cheat and use a little #funfetti cake mix (1/4 or less of box) with applesauce, an egg and a bit of water in my #babycakes maker and they are so tasty and way better for me than a commercially prepared cookie. #protein #snack


Before I was a #triathlete in training I mostly smelled good and my hair was not a chlorine-damaged mess. I refer to this period as Kristi B.T. It’s all over tomorrow!!! #myfirsttri #winforkc #trilife


By employing a veritable host of products that are essentially bad for me, I can recreate the delicious flavors of a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato at home! Lmao!! 😜 #coffee #caramel #nostarbucksinthecountry


EPIC EFFIN NEWS FROM KANSAS CITY!!!!!!!!! Say hello to our NEW DESIGNATED PLAYERS @mattbesler and @gzusi!!!!! I seriously may cry off all my makeup now en route to the stadium. #sportingkc #skc #repost from @skcgrams —- About to be on ESPN2 to announce SOMETHING… :)


Everything is getting so horribly REAL. I got these items of a triathletic nature in today… Two boxes of GU, Body Glide and my number belt which holds GU. The salty caramel #GU is ***the best***!! It’s like you are committing a #sin. #myfirsttri #wallsclosingin #newbie #triathleteproblems


This may get long and sappy….. I am so overjoyed. Did you ever look around at the group of people you’re with - of all shapes, ages, sizes and and skills and think “These crazy sons of bitches are my PEOPLE.” I have always my whole life been a late bloomer… I didn’t know what I even wanted to do for work until I was 30, missed many chances to have human babies, have not even figured out how to come close to living in Kansas happily until I got a bike last year and have hemmed and hawed around with getting fit my whole adult life, for various reasons. So finding out I want to do triathlons when I am 48 is about par for the course. 😀 I have to thank all my supportive friends, cohorts and accomplished triathletes, ironmen, cyclists, runners and swimmers who give me non-stop advice, encouragement and kicks in the butt when needed… I can literally do this because of you. I forgot a bra so going home in a tshirt over my suit that happens to be the first “out there” event I did with @hippehead - thank you Laura for having that “we can do this crazy shit!” kind of attitude! Happy, tired, heading to find a real Coke to kill bacteria and some sort of food and then heading home. XOXOXO 😊🌻💕 to you for making #myfirsttri possible for #moi!! #triathlontraining #swimbikerun #love


I am a VERY modest person and always was, since young. Even if I had the worlds best body I would be, which I don’t. #newbie #triathletes should know this stuff is hard. #triathlontraining is one thing - without physical obstacles. Mentally there are even more hurdles like… this stupid outfit, never having been in a giant group of cyclists, living in Windy, Kansas and not being able to swim 500 meters without pausing yet. My left knee still has fluid on it but I can’t do anything about it until after #myfirsttri. So I have not been able to train as I had planned to back in February… I’m not even going to run until my event as I can’t afford to hurt the knee more before it. So i am just cycling and swimming to prepare. I hate this skintight thing on my person which I’m making myself wear today to ride the bike that still makes me nervous and I will wear it to open water swimming Monday night too. I took the tags and plastic protection off the #bettydesigns zipper pull as the first step of ownership. Tim just cut the stem off my seat post to lower it so the handlebars are higher and he fixed the clacking pedals by straightening the CycleOps skewer. NONE of this stuff is as easy as I had hoped it would be, or as pleasant. I did not expect this. But I have no regrets - I really want to do this and am hoping by next year I’ve resolved the issues I’m having now so I can keep doing #triathlons. I do have the bug under my skin and can’t seem to stop trying though I wish I were achieving it more elegantly. Life is fleeting. #JustTri 😊 #getupgogirl #swim #bike #run


MY NAME is on this because I WON it!!!! Is that not insane??!!! I’m soooooooooo stoked!!! You can order this kit too before midnight and get it in August I think. It is fabulous. I’m dying. :-) #Repost from @_superdomestik with @repostapp —- @kristicolvin is the WINNER of our #súperwildstyle instajam kit raffle (picked at random by my lovely missus). Congrats!! Less than 6hrs left!
W I L D S T Y L E kit pre-order ends at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

Hit up and get your wildstyle on! #cycling #style #cyclinglife #cyclingbetty #cyclingkit #coolkit #bike #gear #biking #triathlon #trilife


From Marie Claire, a hardcore adorable way to label guests or food dishes at your next summer gathering. ” Un beau citron, coupé en deux, prend la forme d’une coque de bateau.” A #lemon pretending to be a #boat. #partyplanning #weddings #events #sailboat #girly #shabbychic #floral #toocute #food


Speaking of super hot #cycling gear… This #kit makes me drool all over myself most inappropriately… #loveatfirstsight #súperwildstyle — #Repost from @_superdomestik W I L D S T Y L E | SÚPER KIT PRE-ORDER IS NOW LIVE | FILL YOUR BOOTS! 📷


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