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I just realized I am nervous for a #triathlon that is 8 months away. I signed up for #KemahTriathlon 2015 today! That’s the water right there. I have so much dang work to do before then!! #triathleteproblems #365 πŸŠπŸš΄πŸƒπŸ˜€


My beautiful boy swimming at #sunset this evening. #baxtercolvin #yellowlab


This is the kind of kitchen door I’ve wanted my entire life (in rural France ideally) so my dogs can do this. Lol!!! This is beyond #precious —- #Repost from @dafloxx_versand with @repostapp —- SchΓΆnes Wochenende liebe Freunde!
Nice weekend dear friends!😚


My 45 calorie bread is not all that thrilling, but this #fluffernutter #wafflesandwich tastes pretty good! This is your reminder to join us in the #50shadesofwaffles challenge and you might win tasty prizes!!
This week’s #waffle theme: Candies & Treats πŸ°πŸŽ‚πŸ§πŸ¦πŸ« Take inspiration from your favourite candies and treats and show us your most delectable waffle creations. #IIFYMgirls, this contest is right up your alley!

CONTEST DETAILS: Follow the hosts: @better_with_sprinkles ,@runninghealthy13, @brittanysgoodies, our co-host @kristicolvin and the sponsors @sweetspreads &@nfsports_ Must be a new post with the hosts, sweetspreads, and the following hashtag #50shadesofwaffles tagged in the original caption, one entry per day accepted

Waffle Champion: winner will co-host the following week, and will be featured on our pages. Winner will be announced Monday, with the next weeks theme.

Prize: each week 1 winner will receive one jar of choice from@sweetspreads and a choice of Belgium chocolate, vanilla, cafe creme or strawberry protein powder from @nfsports_ GOOD LUCK!


As a bonafide coffee addict, I was glad to see this info on its benefits! I use it as a pre-workout too.

(via the-coffee-blog)

coffeecoffee benefitscoffeehealthhealthbeveragescaffeine

Go to! #iifym #flexiblediet eaters!!!!! I have just learned about the most amazing site EVER to help with that all-consuming problem every night of “what do I eat with only these macros left??!!” You can tell this site the numbers you have left and it will suggest foods! Crazy! #macros #ifitfitsyourmacros #caloriecounting #protein #weightloss #fit


Really bored from not being able to train so I made some #cellucor #corefetti #pronuts! I cheat and use a little #funfetti cake mix (1/4 or less of box) with applesauce, an egg and a bit of water in my #babycakes maker and they are so tasty and way better for me than a commercially prepared cookie. #protein #snack


Before I was a #triathlete in training I mostly smelled good and my hair was not a chlorine-damaged mess. I refer to this period as Kristi B.T. It’s all over tomorrow!!! #myfirsttri #winforkc #trilife


By employing a veritable host of products that are essentially bad for me, I can recreate the delicious flavors of a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato at home! Lmao!! 😜 #coffee #caramel #nostarbucksinthecountry


EPIC EFFIN NEWS FROM KANSAS CITY!!!!!!!!! Say hello to our NEW DESIGNATED PLAYERS @mattbesler and @gzusi!!!!! I seriously may cry off all my makeup now en route to the stadium. #sportingkc #skc #repost from @skcgrams —- About to be on ESPN2 to announce SOMETHING… :)


Everything is getting so horribly REAL. I got these items of a triathletic nature in today… Two boxes of GU, Body Glide and my number belt which holds GU. The salty caramel #GU is ***the best***!! It’s like you are committing a #sin. #myfirsttri #wallsclosingin #newbie #triathleteproblems


This may get long and sappy….. I am so overjoyed. Did you ever look around at the group of people you’re with - of all shapes, ages, sizes and and skills and think “These crazy sons of bitches are my PEOPLE.” I have always my whole life been a late bloomer… I didn’t know what I even wanted to do for work until I was 30, missed many chances to have human babies, have not even figured out how to come close to living in Kansas happily until I got a bike last year and have hemmed and hawed around with getting fit my whole adult life, for various reasons. So finding out I want to do triathlons when I am 48 is about par for the course. πŸ˜€ I have to thank all my supportive friends, cohorts and accomplished triathletes, ironmen, cyclists, runners and swimmers who give me non-stop advice, encouragement and kicks in the butt when needed… I can literally do this because of you. I forgot a bra so going home in a tshirt over my suit that happens to be the first “out there” event I did with @hippehead - thank you Laura for having that “we can do this crazy shit!” kind of attitude! Happy, tired, heading to find a real Coke to kill bacteria and some sort of food and then heading home. XOXOXO πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ»πŸ’• to you for making #myfirsttri possible for #moi!! #triathlontraining #swimbikerun #love


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